SmartADU EcoPad can be a flexible Accessory Dwelling Unit [ADU] – a self-contained living space built adjacent to the main home. Many communities around the country are recognizing the benefit of ADUs, which can create additional housing while maintaining the original character of neighborhoods. ADUs also create flexibility for home owners, who can build a small rental to supplement their incomes, a granny unit to keep family closer, or even downsize, to live in the ADU and rent the main dwelling. Growing support for ADUs is making them easier to permit, and Ecopad makes it easy to design and build one, offering a modular system, expandable in 12’ and 20’ lengths.
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Traveler Level way up on #VanLife and make an EcoPad on wheels your traveling home. Imagine the comfort, efficiency, style, and the photo ops. Or if you prefer, build your Ecopad on pontoons for a houseboat. The Traveler comes in 12’ or 16’ lengths.
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SmartSUDIO provides a private and quiet space in your business or home office. StudioPad creates a sound proof and professional space to hold private business conferences, stream or record audio and video, take part in virtual meetings, or countless other activities. Order StudioPad in one of three sizes to fit your needs, whether that means providing space for small groups of people to gather or just one or two to work from home in peace
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